• treehuggerheidi

    My life story in 140 characters? I can't. My life is too messed up for that. However, I can tell you the basics of what I'm about. I'm only a mere vegetarian(but I raise my own chickens, and I don't like milk). I'd like to think I'm a nice person, but I tend to cause mayhem. I'm always in some sort of trouble. I love helping out those who can't. But only to an extent, nothing that'll trigger my gag reflex. I'm a major pain on occasion. And very contradicting, in my life. I change on a daily basis. There's a lot to say, and nothing to say at all. Typing this much was extremely difficult, and all the same it doesn't really matter what it says, so I don't know why I'm straining myself right now. I think I'll just stop typing now.