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    I'm currently 15 but have been a vegetarian since I was in fifth grade at the age of 10 because I had read many disturbing articles about how animals were treated. since then i have convinced my two sisters to go semi-vegetarian for the time being and had convinced my dad and brother to cut the amount of meat they would normally eat. In the future, i would like to be a high school math teacher full time and care/train animals during summers. Its very heart-warming to know we all love animal and are standing up for them instead of being bystanders<3


    Peace begins with a smile


    I've been vegetarian for two years now, and was the best decision I have ever accomplished. To all the people who didn't believe in me that I could accomplish this, thank you, for giving me an even more push to free animals one step at a time.


    I love animals, rock n roll, art & makeup


    Minnesota Made. Vegan. Fall Out Boy. Drummer. Aspiring Astronaut. Rapper. Artist.


    I waddle along.


    Vegetarian my whole life, moving towards a vegan lifestyle. Love and peace. Supporting animals, the arts, culture and the environment.


    Free lance artist turned mum<3 I'm a single Pringle with a tiny herbivore<3 Together we help spread the vegan word.

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