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Alexa. Vegan. Animal & Human Rights Activist. Child of the Earth. Lover of the Sun. Pupil of the Tao. Supporter of Peace. Disciple of Compassion.

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    Part time Health Science Student and Full time Mom of a 4 year boy and some how I work two part time Jobs as a CNA/HHA Made the switch to Vegan about in December 2012.I watched earthlings and didn't even make it 30 mins in without bawling my head off. I love animals breaks my heart to see them treated so badly. I have found so many awesome meal ideas for being a mom on the go and college student.


    Hiya! Mackenzie here. I'm one of the biggest animal lovers you'll ever meet. I'm always trying to do things to help animals and involve myself in getting active for animal rights. I have 4 awesome animal buddies living with me- a dog, ferret, mouse, and leopard gecko. Animals are my world, and I live to speak up for them. Looking good is my thing.. Vegan clothing and cosmetics are always in style! ;)


    Me is all about you all are!!


    hard to be put in words

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