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    Always been an animal lover <3 I'm like my pet hedgehog, I'm tough on the outside, but sweet and cuddly on the inside :)


    I'm a huge The Vampire Diaries fan.


    summertime sadness


    I try to all I can do for animals. I'm 21 I've been vegan since December of 2007 and vegetarian 9months before that. I love reading animal rights books and thats about the only book you can get me to read. I have a wonderful son who I am bring up vegan!


    Born in Indiana to Pastors. Raised in California. Traveled the world. Moved to Kansas. Graduated from Home School. Became Vegan in May 2011. Full Time Student of International and Global Studies.


    I'm on the path to happiness.


    Dedicating my live to save the lives of those who want to live.


    Hello ☺ Name's Jaii. I'm a 19-year-old Syrian girl from the conservative city Hama with a Canadian nationality, but currently living in Saudi Arabia. Androgynous. Pansexual. Secular humanist. Feminist ♀ Vegan. Cruelty-free. Unfortunately an Arab / Middle-Easterner. Fearless advocate. Writer. Leo ♌ 90's kid. Recovering / relapsing from borderline personality disorder. On psychological drugs. Music addicted. Animal obsessed. Childhood nostalgic. Alcohol and drug free, but I smoke cigarettes. Feel free to talk to me ♡ I follow back similar blogs. Peace ✌


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