A Cartoon History of Man in Three Minutes

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Posted January 31, 2013 by Sean Horvath

It’s time to face the facts: People haven’t really been the most compassionate of Earth’s animals. From wearing exotic skins and clubbing seals to pumping fat into the stomachs of ducks and polluting our world, this video shows it all. Check it:

Special thanks to Steve Cutts for using such powerful imagery to describe the horrible history that we’ve created for ourselves. BUT DON’T WORRY—we have many ways to help you make sure our future is much better than our past. It’s time to …

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  • Profile photo of harlmeister

    846 days ago

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    that video was pretty cool, in the sense of the animation. how it depicts and portrays how we treat the planet on the other hand is not cool.

  • Profile photo of alexblue

    847 days ago

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    That. Is. Freakin’. Brilliant!!

  • Profile photo of Deannasmitty

    848 days ago

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    That was intense.

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