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Posted December 20, 2013 by Diana Mendoza

peta2 gives you loads of tips on cruelty-free living and makes helping animals one of the easiest and best things ever. But behind the scenes, there’s SO much more that goes on. We don’t just talk the talk—we walk the walk!

Rachelle delivering straw with PETA's Community Animal Project

PETA’s Cruelty Investigations Department (CID) is based on the East Coast—out of our office in Norfolk, Virginia, to be exact—but thanks to our national offices and remote employees, we’re able to help animals across the country day or night. Here’s a quick glimpse into the work that CID employees and volunteers tackled in October!

In the month of October, PETA’s mobile clinics spayed
and neutered 1,035 dogs and cats!

homeless animal number how many stray dog cat spay neuter

We want YOU to help end the overpopulation crisis!

In Virginia and nearby North Carolina, we delivered 53 new (and FREE) doghouses to animals in need. Dig these before and after shots. :)

peta community animal project free dog house Bentley before after photo

PETA transported Bentley to and from his neuter appointment, and he got a brand-new wood doghouse and lightweight tie-out when he got home!

peta community animal project dog house before after picture

Betty had only a small plastic barrel for shelter when volunteers from our Community Animal Project found her, and she was on a very short chain. :( Not only did we give her some fabulous new digs, we also got her spayed at PETA’s mobile clinic.

peta community animal project free doghouse Red before and after photos

Red’s owners had attempted to improve her leaky house by tying a tarp and half a barrel over the top. We helped them take their efforts to the next level by giving her a brand-new doghouse—just in time for winter!

 In October alone, PETA’s Community Animal Project responded to 288 calls for assistance.

While delivering warm, dry straw to cold dogs, volunteers spotted this stray pup and spent 48 hours trying to capture him (including spending time underneath an abandoned house!).

peta community animal project rescue homeless stray dog wound embedded collar

Once we earned his trust and were able to get a hold of him, we removed the too-small collar that had become embedded in his neck and had created a maggot-infested wound.

PETA transferred 25 animals to local shelters and helped find homes for many others.

peta cruelty investigation department rescued dog Oliver in new home

Oliver was found as a stray, and miraculously, he was microchipped! We tracked down his guardian, who thought Oliver was too much to handle and wanted help finding him a new home. Oliver has since been adopted by one of our own staffers, and he’s already fitting in nicely with the canine crew.

Over the summer, PETA transported a sweet, 9-month-old golden retriever to and from his neuter appointment. When his elderly guardian checked into a nursing home recently, she relinquished custody to PETA, and we found him a new home with another rescued golden retriever. Awww!

how to handle an animal emergency

 In the month of October, PETA’s Emergency Response Team responded to nearly 1,100 calls and e-mails!

 peta cruelty investigation department starved horse animal cruelty

PETA came to the rescue of this dying, emaciated mare and provided her with a painless, compassionate release through euthanasia. Because of our work, the rest of her herdmates have been confiscated and charges have been filed against the people responsible for their suffering.

peta emergency response team rescued duck fishing hook wound

PETA made sure that this suffering duck, who had a hook through her bill and was tangled in fishing line, was given veterinary care, rehabilitated, and then returned to her home.

peta cruelty investigations department starved dogs rescued texas animal abuse

After much time and effort, these neglected dogs in Texas were finally surrendered so that they can be given a new chance at life through a local animal shelter!

rescued pitbull sent to shelter peta cruelty investigation department october 2013

This abandoned pit bull was rescued and taken to a local animal shelter for a chance at adoption!

peta cruelty investigation department rescued hermit crab

This growing hermit crab was living in a too-small home and suffering with an undersized shell. With our help, the little lady was rescued and now has a beautiful terrarium to call home, along with a new BFF! Yep, we care about hermit crabs just as much as we care about dogs and cats. :)

peta rescued mutts malteese dogs shelter

Sadly, these two Maltese mixes were dumped because they weren’t purebred (come on, people—mutts rule!). Luckily, we got them to a local animal shelter, and we think their adorable mugs will get them adopted in no time!

And THAT is just a small peek into all the work that we do for animals on a daily basis :) Want to know more? Watch this video!


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  • 653 days ago

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]


    Wow, great work! It would be truly wonderful if you committed to broadening your work for companion animals across the USA and world. There are a lot more than 58 dogs who could use new houses in Virginia and every state, and 10,000 or 100,000 monthly neuter/spays at satellite clinics/local alliances across North America could help make a real change in euthanasia rates — maybe even your own! PETA could unilaterally end the shocking hidden national epidemic of hermit crab abuse if they tried.

    • Profile photo of Whitney-C

      651 days ago

      VN:F [1.9.22_1171]


      We actually help animals in every state and also all over the world every single day. :) Our work doesn’t stop at the Hampton Roads, VA border. If you know of an animal in need of a warm dog house this winter (or in need of anything, really), contact us with full deets at!

  • Profile photo of nomeatnodairynoprob1em

    654 days ago

    VN:F [1.9.22_1171]


    We desperately need a non-surgical method of sterilizing cats. A very large number of animal rights activists are spending a tremendous amount of time & money on stray, feral & adopted cats. Many are financially broken by vet bills. It’s having a very significant negative impact on the animal rights movement. We need a substance that we can put in cat food for stray/feral cats that will disrupt their reproductive system (or something).

  • Profile photo of TogetherWeCanSaveThemAll

    655 days ago

    VN:F [1.9.22_1171]


    Thank you for all of your hard work!

  • Profile photo of tiff321

    655 days ago

    VN:F [1.9.22_1171]


    u guys should also have an office in nyc :)

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