• Did somethin' GOOD just happened?!?

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    Over a year ago

    I just got this letter which says:


    Thank you for your email. We appreciate having the benefit of your thoughts and your efforts to get the whole story.

    Here's what we know to be true: Mary Kay is committed to the elimination of animal testing! Mary Kay's policy has always been consistent - nothing has changed: We do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor ask others to do so on our behalf, except when absolutely required by law.

    Regulations on cosmetics constantly change, but Mary Kay has never wavered from our commitment to use alternative testing methods. There is only one country where we operate, among more than 35 around the world, that by law under certain circumstances requires cosmetics to be tested on animals - China. When Mary Kay Inc. learned of requirements by regulatory agencies in China, we were obliged to follow the law, as we do in every country where we operate.

    But this is a passionate issue for us. Our commitment to the elimination of animal testing has never changed or wavered. As PETA itself pointed out and credited Mary Kay, we are working very closely with the Chinese government to demonstrate that alternative testing methods ensure safe and effective products. For more than two decades Mary Kay has been a global leader in helping to develop alternative testing methods for product safety.

    We are deeply committed to the elimination of animal testing, and our actions and our record speak to that.

    Thank you for contacting us."

    So,What do you think. Did we Succeed?!?

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    Over a year ago

    Avon, Mary Kay, and EstĂ©e Lauder are still paying for animal tests regardless of their “no animal testing policies”. Mary Kay did try to work with the Chinese Government, but to no avail – as they’re still performing tests on animals to sell their products in China. As far as I’m aware there has been no recent change.

    This calls for a boycott until these companies are once again 100% cruelty free. Thank you for contacting the company about this issue! 🙂

    You can search for cruelty free companies here:

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