• Help stop the Holley fire department squirrel killing competition!

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    Over a year ago

    i didnt write this but it was sent to me. everyone should click the link at the bottom to sign the petition

    URGENT – via Andrew Kirschner – The Holley New York Fire Department is holding a squirrel killing contest known as ‘Squirrel Slam’, a competition for children and their parents to senselessly shoot squirrels. Cash prizes will be awarded for… the biggest dead squirrels. I called the Fire Department at (585) 638-6884 to express my disapproval. I politely explained that this is not the image children should have of a fire department and suggested that rather than holding a competition to kill animals, they should host an event to raise money to save animals since they are in the business of saving lives. I encourage you to call as well. Thank you.

    The event is scheduled for February 16th. There is still time to stop it.

    UPDATE: Thank you all for your passion and concern. I just spoke with Holley, NY Fire Chief Hendrickson. He encouraged everyone to send an email via their website. He assured me the Board is reviewing all emails as they receive a CC. He told me they will consider not hosting the event depending on public feedback or not holding it again in the future. Please send an email via the link below:

    Event contacts: Dennis Bauer (585) 794-3744
    Wayne Moyer (585) 659-8063
    Tina Reed (585) 331-3040


    Physical Address
    7-10 THOMAS ST
    Holley, NY 14470

    Mailing Address
    7-10 THOMAS ST
    Holley, NY 14470

    Also email the mayor of Holley:

    As public pressure mounts, they may reverse course and decide it is not in their best interest to kill animals. If they cancel the event, the news media will likely cover the story, which will raise awareness about the importance of showing compassion for all animals. Let’s see if we can turn this incident into a positive for animals and the Fire Department.

    Additional petitions and an FB event:

    Thank you

    (@peta2 i took down the fire departments phone number but left the address incase people want to write them a letter)

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    Over a year ago

    Sent a message to the fire department and an E-mail to the mayor.

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    Over a year ago

    This is terrible!! I am telling everyone I know about this I really hope it will be stopped!! Thank you for posting this.

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