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    Over a year ago

    Since I chose to be a vegetarian six years ago.. I’ve gone through a lot…of different views and learned a lot of things. At first it was just a journey on my own, I instantly became a vegetarian after reading an article in a vegetarian starter kit about the abuse a cow went through and someone’s experience of finding a tumor in a turkey they were preparing for dinner. I just kept it to my own personal battle.. I was one of those “secret vegetarians” Not announcing why (because at first I thought it was a bit silly) or the fact that I had turned vegetarian and refused to eat any meat.. I told my friends once two of them decided to go vegetarian (although one eats meat now, and I don’t talk to the other anymore)
    Soon it was a battle with my parents… convincing them that this wasn’t a phase and that they could not change my mind or force me to eat meat based on Health myths.
    When I got older I had to start dealing with friends, classmates, and the people I came into contact with.
    As I became more of an activist and got involved in the vegetarian/vegan/animal rights community I soon faced the world.. and all of society.. with people that I came into contact with when wearing or expressing any thing that showed I was a vegetarian, when attending protests or events like warp tour with peta2. However, this did not phase me either for now I had a whole community behind me.. people who understood and reassured me that I am not just some “crazy, hippie, rebellious, ignorant “teen”” I am a human being with compassionate moral ethics and beliefs. In my eyes we are all extraordinary people, who are strong and precious for we have stood up to society’s traditional ways for something that is right…something that is moral. I applaud us all..and in my heart I know I am living a worthy lifestyle that I could never turn my back on…
    However, now that I am in a relationship with someone that I love.. that eats meat.. I question humanity.. in relations to someone that I find so wonderful… that cannot come to completely understand me.. for my choice of living.. How can this be?
    The thing is.. I feel my outlook on humanity these days dwindling. .. I always knew in my heart that what other people were doing.. was cruel and heartless especially if they knew what their “food” had to go through.. however, I always try my best not to start a argument or make people feel disrespected.. I am the more quiet type vegetarian.. I don’t start an upheaval at gatherings about meat and so on.. However, lately my silence is filled with thoughts of despair and hopelessness in everyone around me..
    Am I the only one feeling this.. And if not.. How do you guys deal with the people around you.. When its just thoughts and reality are one.. That people may genuinely not care or ever change..

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    Over a year ago

    That’s awful. I’m glad to hear that you were strong through all of that. We need more compassionate, well-informed people in the world, such as yourself. I also can sympathize with your issue with your significant other.

    There are a few things you can try. You obviously love him. Sometimes, understanding just takes time. It’s not always necessary to be an extrovert to get people to change; be subtle about it, and try to use the angle through which you believe he will understand you the most. Is he interested in the environment? If so, there’s a huge argument for vegetarianism when it comes to the wellbeing of our planet. Does he enjoy cooking? Vegetarianism forces cooks to be more creative when cooking their meals, and he may relish the challenge. From this entrypoint, his concern could bleed over to different facets of vegetarianism. Above all else, however, be patient with him. Some people are stubborn, they take a while to change. This could be worth all of that heartache.

    Keep in mind, though, that you also seem to be very devoted to the cause of animal welfare. I’m assuming you’ve talked to him about this frequently, as this appears to be a huge issue with you. If he cannot relate to such a huge aspect of your life, maybe you may not be as compatible as you’d like. I’m not saying that it’d be easy, but wouldn’t it be an enormous waste if you spent the rest of your life waiting for him to change, and he never does? Be patient, loving, and understanding, of course, but if he refuses to change, then you can’t possibly remain happy with him if there’s such a huge gulf between the two of you. I sincerely hope he does change, but if not, I’m sure there are many potential suitors out there that share your passion for animal rights.

    As for the people, please don’t give up hope. It is frustrating to see so many people stand as roadblocks, but remember this- nobody ever achieved anything by giving up. That’s letting them win. That’s letting them get away with their ignorance. That’s letting them be wrong. That’s something we simply cannot do. If the way you’re trying to change people isn’t working, try another; there are many different methods to use. You’ve already protested, which is great. You could also talk to people over Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media site. You could stick around here and help the folks that have taken the first step to continue on the right path, despite the rocky road. You could help organize events and protests. The great part about such a huge issue is that there are so many possible points of intervention. Please don’t give up; keep on trucking. We only lose if we let ourselves lose.

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    Over a year ago

    loosing hope in humanity generally doesn’t lead to cutting yourself?

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    Over a year ago

    yah well dont keep thinking negative thoughts i know enough people in person who cut there selves i dont need to no my fellow street teamers r cutters 2 😉 any ways dont publically let ur comunity no u think they r cruel heartless etc (the 1s who eat meat) or else they will shut u out. just find another ar friend, they should cheer u rite up

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    Over a year ago

    Honestly I don’t really have thoughts like that. It is probably for the worse to have thoughts like that. There are a lot of my personal views that conflict with a majority of society. So yea sometimes it is easy to be like why are people so stupid or so cruel. You can’t look down on all of society because then you will get shut out from society either from your own choice or theirs and then that doesn’t really help much animals does it?

    I’m rather quiet myself and try not to shove my beliefs down the throats mostly of people who are more a part of my life. I’m more one of those people though that thinks every little step does really count. Both my sister and her friend are on the street team but neither of them are vegetarian or I don’t think really plan on going vegetarian. Though they both really hate the fur industry and some other things peta is against and that is a step in the right direction and they help spread the word about those issues. Just like how peta allows celebrities in their ads to take “baby steps” and do the issues they are comfortable with then you get people like Steve-o who takes even more steps until he is behind everything peta is into and he is vegan and everything now!

    Hell I used to even let the kids in my school who were hunters and meat eaters etc and against peta have a few of my stickers. Because even if they scribbled on them or thought they were a joke they stuck them on their folders etc. One day someone could see those and think beyond the scribbles and actually come and check out peta and get into this stuff. You have to have hope in humanity! :)

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