• It's easy being vegan

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    Over a year ago

    Being vegan is not difficult in the slightest. Other people are what is difficult. How can ANY ethical stance ever be “difficult”? I’ve also never found it difficult in the slightest to not be racist, sexist, or homophobic. What is difficult are racists, sexists, speciesists, and homophobes, and their never ending excuses for their participation in their chosen forms of violence.

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    Over a year ago


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    Over a year ago

    “How can ANY ethical stance ever be “difficult”? “- What a great quote. So simple to understand but people are that naive and blind. Vegan>easy

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  • Profile photo of luckystarjenna

    Over a year ago

    That is actually surprisingly true. You have to make some healthier decisions sometimes, like choosing not to eat ice-cream but grab some sorbet instead, but usually I don’t feel bad at all because I know that while everyone else is feeling guilty about what they’re eating, I feel totally fine both healthfully and ethically.

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  • Profile photo of OneBadassChick

    Over a year ago

    Very true! Most people are strong enough to handle the truth behind all of those crueltys.

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  • Profile photo of DannyJonesMoose

    Over a year ago

    Exactly! Whenever someone says “but isn’t it difficult being a vegan?”, my answer is always “It’s the easiest decision I’ve ever made.”

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  • itsbiggmike15

    I'm Michael, Im a 17 years old, I live in Atlanta ,Georgia. I'm also a Boy Scout who is working on my Eagle Scout Rank, and i play Drums in my schools band, I'm also a beatboxer. Animal Right is one of the biggest things i have a compasion for as well as Human Trafficing, but animals suffer too like humans and i want to get the word out there. I've been a vegan for 15 years and im still counting :). One of my personal Missions is to Spread the word of tourture animals go through and encourage others to help out.

  • jericaanne

    I love food and animals(reason why I'm here :)). Pescatarian for a few months but then realized fish also have a life and feelings just like any other living creature, so I became Vegetarian. Peta2 helped me a lot on becoming a better person and why Im going Vegan. Love being surrounded by people who share the same interests as me, so If you have any questions feel free to ask ! :)

  • aa
  • ilovetofuandveggiesyea

    I have 1 sister and one brother I'm 16 I love color guard I'm the only vegetarian in my family but they support me :)

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