• Protesting?

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    Over a year ago

    Have you ever been to (or organized) a protest before?

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    Over a year ago

    I am holding a protest on February 7 2013 at the opening of chick-fil-a in azusa! YOUR all welcome to come!

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    Over a year ago

    My first protest was in LA to the Staples Center to boycott Ringling Brothers circus 😀 and this year LA is discussing and voting on an elephant entertainment ban! PROGRESS!

    Protests vary wildly. AS I’ve been to more in the past year.
    People and groups use different tactics

    Some just hold signs
    Others hold signs and leaflet
    Some hold signs and chant
    Some target multiple stores (like fur protests) and walk and chant with signs
    Some try out theatrical themes. One against vivisection I went to actually had monkey masks and had people act like monkeys, then others passed out leaflets and had people sign cards against vivsectors to be mailed in. Then they did a skit of vivsection.
    Another against fur did a funeral march where we wore black and had veils and walked around with signs.

    I think you can do alot with a protest. I’ve never organized one , but I plan to organize a seal outreach event. To educate and have people sign a petition against the canadian seal slaughter. ^.^
    My advice is go to protests and find groups with activists in your area before you start to organize a protest. that way you know people will show up 😛

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  • Profile photo of Sara-W

    Over a year ago

    Hey @EnchantedBeginnings,

    If you’re interested in getting involved with protests, it’s super easy. It could be anything from protesting a traveling circus or rodeo, a store that sells fur, or standing in front of your local McDonald’s with a sign. If you don’t hear of a protest getting started near you, you can organize your own! Just e-mail us at and we can send you all the materials you’ll need to get started. :)

    ~Sara from peta2

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  • Profile photo of keepTHEfaith

    Over a year ago

    I’ve been to a protest before :) I actually had a great time ! I’m waiting till the weather gets a bit warmer before I organize my own protest though

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  • Profile photo of EnchantedBeginnings

    Over a year ago

    No I have not nor I have head of one in my area. This matter if very confusing and I do wish to know more about protests.
    Are there videos of protests which I can locate or that could be post here? It would be very helpful for me to see to fully understand the matter.

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