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    Over a year ago

    I’m sure this has been asked/ answered but I can’t find it. I was off radar for a loooong time. As in back when it was the old site. I know I had a bunch of street team points back then and only every redeemed like 500 out of thousands. Are those gone for good because I was inactive? Just curious, it’s my own fault really. I moved, got a new job, etc. wasn’t keeping up.

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    Over a year ago

    Thanks, I’m sure that is what happened. Like I said I was out of the loop for a long time. Thanks Hakred.

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    Over a year ago

    The old website was upgraded to this brand new, super fabulous looking website! Before the launch, peta2 asked street teamers who wanted to keep their points to log in to their accounts so that they would be switched over and kept safe.

    They allowed a few months as they were still getting the new website ready. This is the only thing I could imagine would have happened to your points. However, if you had logged in to your account before the launch to save your points it could be something else.

    If you e-mail peta2 with this, they’re sure to help you out! :)

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