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    Over a year ago
    I absolutely love this song and the movie it came from. It can make me happy on my worst days and it inspires me to help our Earth, because only we can.

    Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better…it’s not.
    -Dr. Seuss

    My fellow vegans, we are the first step. :)

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    Over a year ago

    Well, how could you not love it? It sounds just like J Biebs! Haha. I’m kidding of course (only half way ;))

    The movie did have a great message. :)

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  • Profile photo of Styna

    Over a year ago

    I loved The Lorax sooooo much!
    I didn’t realize that it was a musical before we went to see it, and I had no idea how strongly it pushed the issues that truly exist between humanity and nature, but I thought it was a GREAT way to reach the younger generations.
    I’ve watched it way too many times to consider myself a real 23 year old haha.
    And I really did end up loving the music too.

    Edit: I’ve actually been planning a tattoo with the quote you mentioned, and some of the Truffula trees :)

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  • Profile photo of JaskiranGulria

    Over a year ago

    I love this song too :)

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