• What are my rights?

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    Over a year ago

    A few years back when I originally got into all this protesting and whatnot, I was with my companion at the time and we decided to make cardboard signs and write on them, KFC TORTURES! Meat is MURDER! Things along those lines, with no profanity or crude images, of course. The KFC happened to be on a crossroads/street corner (which I thought was awesome for getting people to notice us). Anyway, the manager of the KFC ends up coming out to us and asks, what in the hell we are doing. We explain our peaceful protest and he tells us that we have to leave the area, even though it is a public sidewalk and we aren’t on the buildings perimeter but simply outside it. He then proceeds to take my PICTURE! WITHOUT my consent. I told him, he needs to delete that or else I’ll be taking actions of my own [police]. The KFC manager ends up calling the police on my mate and I and we are asked to polietly leave, because apparently we are kids with nothing better to do.

    What I am asking is, if this manager does this again, with my photo and the cops, what are my rights? I’m not worried about being arrested and I’m 20 now instead of 17 so I can hold myself a little better. What are your ideas/thoughts?

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    Over a year ago

    You could wear something to cover your face. Maybe a chicken mask or costume. I have friends who wear Guy Fawkes masks at every protest (regardless of what the protest is for) in order to help disempower the opposition.

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    Over a year ago

    I would love to protest with PETA I have no one here that will do it with me ……

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    Over a year ago

    What an unethical asshole. :/

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    Over a year ago

    Hey @Moobunny,

    That’s awesome that you started your own protest! In the U.S., you are totally within your First Amendment rights to protest, leaflet, and talk to people in front of a place of business, such as McDonald’s or KFC so they had no right to ask you to leave. As long as you weren’t blocking the sidewalk or a doorway you should have been totally fine. They obviously saw you were young and thought they could scare you into leaving. :/ grrr!

    Knowing your rights definitely helps, so in the future just let them know that you are totally within your rights to be there. I’ve been in the exact situation when I was at a protest in front of McDonald’s. The manager came out and said he was going to call the police. We politely but firmly told him that we were within our rights to be there. He looked annoyed but knew he couldn’t do anything legally. It felt good to stand up for ourselves! :)

    Check out our protest checklist here for more info and let us know if you want to set up another one. We can send you all the free materials you’d need if you e-mail us at :)

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