• What Do You Think of the New Site?

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    Over a year ago

    Notice any bugs with our new site or have any other feedback on it? Let us know!

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  • Profile photo of AliceKing

    Over a year ago

    I think that its a great improvement and I love it but…:
    when ever I want to edit my profile, it keeps saying that the webpage can’t be found.
    When I want to leave a comment somewhere, it always returnes to the adopt don’t buy page as that was the first page that I visited… when I try to leave a comment and click submit, it says that the webpage can’t be found and when I return to the page…. my commentt is not there!!!
    is there anything that you can do to help???

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  • Profile photo of AmyHanners

    Over a year ago

    It looks great im just having trouble ajusting to it. its such a chang i feel like its kind of hard to figure out but maybe ill just slowly get the hang of it. i guess im just so use to the old site its such a change

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  • Profile photo of lexielu22

    Over a year ago

    I love it but it is gonna take A LOT of getting used to!!!

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  • Profile photo of OhSnapItzAshley

    Over a year ago

    When i try to edit my profile info, it shoots me to AT&T yahoo and says the website im looking for cannot be found.. ??
    but i found that if i press the back button and just keep pressing edit, it will adventually let me go to the edit page lol

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  • Profile photo of bruisednotbroken

    Over a year ago

    I got a link in an email saying I got a friend request (This is my first friend request I’ve gotten ever) and when I clicked on it and checked all over my profile, messages, and friend requests I couldn’t find the request anywhere :/ Not really sure what to do because the website sent me her real first name instead of her username. I can’t message her to ask her to send it again, or send her a friend request myself, because I can’t find her by typing her real name into the friend finder search box. I would need her username for that.

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