• When are there going to be more missions?

    Profile photo of scytease

    Over a year ago

    I’ve done most of the missions I can and am working on a few like the school ones and what not but a lot of the ones up don’t work like when you click on it there will be nothing there or this angry noomin will pop up. And I can’t tell what potishions I’ve sined and haven’t stined.

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  • Profile photo of hakred

    Over a year ago

    There are new missions being added all of the time to the take action page, so be sure to check back often.

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  • Profile photo of SaraAnn-C

    Over a year ago

    Hey @scytease,

    Can you send us a screenshot at of the pages when they are not working. I would love to get this fixed since a lot of other Street Teamers might be having the same problem.

    ~Sara Ann from peta2

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