• Would you tell?

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    Over a year ago

    Let’s say you’re going to a party and you volunteered to bring a (vegan) dish. Your friend knows that you’re vegan, but the other people attending don’t. Would you tell them what you brought is vegan?

    See, I have mixed feelings about this. I would say it as a heads up, but by saying it people might not eat it because it’s “vegan food”. (due to all these stereotypes about how vegan food isn’t good as nonvegan food) I’m thinking of not saying anything and if they ask something, maybe tell them, because I really don’t like it when people don’t eat what I make, and I’ve gone out of my way to actually make it.

    That’s just me, though. What would you do?

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  • Profile photo of rottingstockings

    Over a year ago

    My scenario;
    I enter and place my yummies.
    People munch on said yummies.
    I giggle and squirm in excitement due to my awkward enlightenment.
    I tell all who om nom my treats.
    1; I am stabbed for my secrecy and betrayal to all whom ingest non awesome delights.
    2; I am praised and all shall bow to my awesomeness.

    ..or maybe the those options dont apply at all, and really people just say it was nomful and ask for the recipe.. AND THATS WHERE I MAKE THOSE UNGRATEFUL NOMMERS BOW!!!!

    Maybe I’m too strange for society.. and thats why this was never encountered.

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  • Profile photo of red27

    Over a year ago

    I would tell them. There might be a closet vegan there, who’d be grateful for something they can eat.

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  • Profile photo of kaylea.blamer

    Over a year ago

    I wouldn’t say anything! Make that stereotype false and show those people that vegans eat really awesome food! :)

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  • Profile photo of natstef

    Over a year ago

    Don’t tell them. Then, when all of them are coming up to you and complimenting you on the food, say “Yeah, it’s totally vegan. You just got served.” Pun intended. Then it’ll be smashed in their face how good vegan food truly is! (:

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  • Profile photo of Shark

    Over a year ago

    I would not tell them. If they are told what it is, they may perceive the food to be nasty even if it is delicious. Once they’ve had it and loved it, then inform them it is vegan. I did the same thing to my cousin, and he was surprised and opened up his mind to trying more vegan foods, so that may happen for your friends. I would inform the other vegans though, I wouldn’t want them to miss out :)

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