Mission: The Miami Seaquarium Is Close to Being Shut Down—Act Now!

Huge news: Following a years-long PETA campaign and weekly protests by local advocates, Miami-Dade County officials have announced they are moving to revoke the Miami Seaquarium’s lease. 🎉 This is the beginning of the end for the notorious animal prison—please help us get Miami-Dade County’s mayor to shut it down ASAP.

The Miami Seaquarium recently received a Notice of Intent to Confiscate four of the animals there by the U.S. Department of Agriculture—the first time in 30 years the agency took measures toward confiscation of marine animals before it then accepted the Miami Seaquarium’s late corrective action plan. 😲 The walls are closing in for the Miami Seaquarium, but our work’s not over yet. We need to make sure it gets shut down rn before the animals suffer any longer. 🐬❤️

How You Can Help

Complete this mission and share it with your besties—you’ll help save animals from misery and earn 15 peta2 points in our Rewards Program. 😏 Here’s what you need to do:

1. Send a polite e-mail to Mayor Daniella Levine Cava at [email protected] to thank her for taking this step and ask her to make sure the Miami Seaquarium is shut down immediately. You can use these talking points:

  • The Miami Seaquarium has shown, through continuous violations, that it’s either unwilling or unable to meet the minimum standards of the federal Animal Welfare Act.
  • The animals at the Miami Seaquarium have suffered through several owners, renovations, and promised improvements for over 50 years. It’s obvious that no management team can give these complex and intelligent individuals the care they need at this facility.
  • As owner and lessor of the land used by the Miami Seaquarium, Miami-Dade County has a responsibility to help the animals there. Please make sure the business’s lease is ended and the facility is shut down.
PETA-owned image of the Miami Seaquarium mission example from Calvin M

2. Take a screenshot of your e-mail and submit it for 15 peta2 points. (Heads-up: You’ll only be awarded points once for taking this action.)

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