Fun with Free Stickers

A little-known secret about working for peta2 is that having a passionate love of stickers is a prerequisite, and they totally grill you about it in the interview process. … OK, maybe that’s not entirely true, but we all really do love stickers here! :)

And what’s not to like? They’re cute and sticky, AND they let everyone around you know how they can help animals. We like them so much that we will send you some for FREE—all you have to do is fill out our online form. Once you get them, there are tons of awesome and creative ways that you can show ’em off!

Option A: The Sticker Fashionista


Option B: Active Animal Lover on the Go


Option C: The Compassionate Techie

Option D: The Musical Genius


With all these great ideas on how to speak up for animals with stickers, I hope you’re ready to order some free ones of your own! Be sure to send us a pic of all the fun ways that you’re using them, and we’ll even give you 500 Street Team points for it! (Just be sure to stick ’em only on stuff you own—we don’t want to get any reports of sticker arrests or anything.)

Order FREE peta2 stickers!

Show Your peta2 Pride!

Show Your peta2 Pride!

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