Sweaters for Every Vegan

I love sweaters—they’re so warm and cozy! Don’t they just make you want to snuggle up by the fire with a cup of vegan hot cocoa?

Sweaters are the quintessential holiday attire, and many people think they’re also the perfect holiday gift. If you think your relatives might be considering giving you a sweater this holiday season, let them know that you’ll only accept it if it’s wool-free! You can tell them that sweaters made with cotton and synthetic fibers are available everywhere and that they’re way more comfy than those made from wool. Wool is scratchy and makes you itch, but even worse—it’s obtained in a cruel way! Learn more about how buying wool sweaters hurts sheep.

Gray Black Volcom Sweater

Men’s Undertone Sweater, Volcom, $67.00

Papaya Fuzzy Sweater

Beaded Neck Dot Sweater, Papaya, $28.99

LuLu Black Cream Sweater

Black Sheep Beatnick Black and Cream Cowl Neck Sweater, LuLu’s, $78

Men Raglan Gray Maroon Sweater

Rude Grey Wine Raglan Cardigan Hoodie, Hot Topic, $29.50

Pink Belted Sweater Forever 21

Chunky Marled Sweater, Forever 21, $22.80

 Everyone’s favorite sweater is wool-free, right?!



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