What's in Our Beach Bag?

We cannot wait for summer! It’s almost here, which means it’s almost time to spend hours upon hours at the beach. So … we thought you might wanna know about our favorite cruelty-free beach essentials. Check out what we’re packin’ in our beach bag this summer:


  1. These peta2 sunnies are so trendy!
  2. Lip balm is essential for keeping your lips smooth and hydrated. We adore our vegan lip balm and always carry a spare stick for a friend in need!
  3. We <3 (Not a) Nugget, and this peta2 10th anniversary tote really shows it.
  4. Bathing suits are a must for the beach, and Target always has them for impressive prices.
  5. Sunscreen is über-important, and you can always count on Dr. T’s Supergoop! brand sunscreen to protect your skin while protecting animals—by not testing on them!
  6. We’re never without the latest issue of Alternative Press magazine. We can’t get enough music, and we want to know the happs with all the bands we love.
  7. We try never to forget our beach towel!

We’re definitely ready for some cruelty-free fun in the sun!

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