Hearing about the Canadian seal slaughter, in which thousands of seals are beaten or shot and then skinned every year, is nothing like seeing it for yourself. Warning: graphic images below:

Seal Slaughter 1

Today is the start of Canada’s annual commercial seal slaughter.

Seal Slaughter 2

It’s the day when sealers begin beating or shooting baby harp seals to death for their soft fur.

Seal Slaugher 3

PETA and kind people all over the world have spoken out against the slaughter, and we’re making great progress.

Seal Slaugher 4

Ten years ago, sealers killed about 350,000 seals, but last year, that number dropped to 66,000. And in 2015, only 35,000 seals were killed—the lowest  in 20 years.

Seal Slaughter 5

Fewer than 1,000 sealers have participated in the slaughter in recent years.

Seal Slaughter 6

Because of a lack of markets for seal products, the slaughter is costing Canada millions more to support than it earns, and seal fur processors admit that they are stockpiling pelts because they can’t sell them

Seal Slaughter 7

Still, tens of thousands of seals are expected to be killed in the coming weeks. 🙁

Seal Slaugher 8

This is the year that we can stop the slaughter!

Seal Slaugher 9

Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, supports many progressive social issues, and now we’re urging him to extend his compassion further and begin a new era of kindness and financial responsibility by ending federal subsidies of the commercial seal slaughter.

Seal Slaugher 10

Even if you have spoken up for seals before, please send a message to Prime Minister Trudeau.

Seal Slaugher 11

Let him know that the power to stop this atrocity is in his hands …

Seal Slaugher 12

… and that the world is ready for Canada to stop slaughtering baby seals!

Seal Slaugher 13

The U.S., the European Union, Russia, and Switzerland have all already banned seal-fur imports.

Seal Slaugher 14

Let’s put a stop to this!


Together, we can continue to help seals!

1. Click here and sign the petition at the bottom of the page.
2. Live in Canada? Contact your legislators!

You can find the contact information for your local MP by entering your postal code here. Be sure to tell him or her that as a constituent, you want to see an immediate end to the annual seal slaughter.

3. Share this video.
4. Spread the word! Share this blog with your friends and family. 

BONUS: You can also help seals by downloading this adorable Seals Hero game onto your phone!