Think you know all there is to know about PETA and peta2? Think again! Here are some quick facts to get to know us better:

Three peta2 staffers are enormous Harry Potter fans. Tylor even makes his own vegan quill pens. For real.

Cruelty Free Quill

You can bring your dog to the office! Here’s one of our super-cute coworkers, Penny.

Penny Free The Animals

The ideas for our infamous Pokémon and Mario Kills Tanooki parody games came straight from a PETA staffer who is a HUGE Mario and Pokémon fan, as ways to reach new people about issues they may never think about! It worked: Hundreds of thousands of people have played our games and have become aware of how the original games send dangerous messages about how it’s OK to exploit and abuse animals. 

Nugget looking at

We have road warriors (awesome folks who tour around the country for us, visiting college campuses or jumping on Warped Tour and other concert tours to spread the word about animal rights), and we keep a map like this of where they are!

peta2's College Map

More than half of the peta2 staff (the people who correspond with you via Facebook, the boards, text, and e-mail, like me!) are former peta2 members ourselves. Here’s Annie helping out in Mexico when she was a peta2 member: 

Street Teamer Annie Tables in Mexico

peta2 was born on Warped Tour 10 years ago!

Last year, PETA staffers and volunteers delivered hundreds of custom-made doghouses to lonely dogs who are chained and left outside in all weather extremes in North Carolina and Virginia. We also gave them food, water, toys, and some much-needed affection as well as urged their guardians to allow them indoors, get them vet care when needed, and have them spayed or neutered.

Rachelle delivering straw with PETA's Community Animal Project

PETA operates several mobile clinics in North Carolina and Virginia and in 2012 alone spayed and neutered 9,200 animals. PETA has “fixed” more than 88,000 animals since our mobile-clinics program began.

PETA's SNIP Clinic

PETA and peta2 staffers don’t just work at our desks. We regularly leaflet outside of local McDonald’s locations, speak at local high schools in Los Angeles, take our friend Nugget to visit elementary schools, and even help with massive rescue efforts like the seizure of more than 18,000 neglected rats, mice, snakes, and other animals at Global Captive Breeders in Lake Elsinore, California.

peta2 McCruelty Protest

PETA’s internship program is run by Cody, who used to be a member and road warrior.

Cody Internship Program

In the fall semester of 2012, peta2 launched the world’s first interactive factory-farming experience, our “Glass Walls” exhibit. Students get to see exactly what life is like for animals on factory farms, learn what the meat industry is trying to hide, and find out what they can do to end the suffering of animals.

peta2 Glass Walls exhibit

Taken by PETA employee Ryan Huling. Permission to use.  

We work with background music! Most of us have headphones on as we write, brainstorm, and coordinate projects. Right now, I’m listening to Joy Division.

We eat. A lot. And have crazy-awesome potlucks. Here’s some photos from our recent holiday potlucks: 

PETA PotluckVegan Cupcake

peta2 has a Youth Advisory Board. Every year, we choose about 20 star members to work with closely on campaigns, new merch and mission ideas, and more. Andrew, a current Youth Advisory Board member, recently visited the LA office, check him out with Annie and me: 

Street Teamer Visits LA Office

Several peta2 and PETA staffers are straight edge. And some of them got into being vegan from straight edge bands like Earth Crisis and AFI.

We’re fashionable. Friday in the PETA offices is “Tie Day Friday,” when guys and gals alike dress fancy and wear ties.

Tie-Day Friday in the LA Office

PETA’s offices have several celeb-themed meeting rooms, like the James Cromwell room, the Morrissey war room, and the Pam Anderson room. My fave is the Moz room, for obvious reasons. (P.S. Get well, Moz!)

Morrissey's Spay and Neuter Ad

Christofer DrewMiniature Tigers, and The Swellers have all rocked the roof of the Bob Barker Building in small acoustic sets.

Christofer Drew's PETA rooftop performance

In 2012, PETA received more than $8 MILLION in free advertising placement. This means that magazines, TV networks, and other media outlets ran our ads totally for free—allowing PETA to spend more money on helping animals directly.

Animals Don't Smoke in AP Magazine

All our recipes on the Recipes page are actually made by peta2 staff! No stock images here.

Vegan Layered Taco Burger

See? Don’t you feel like we’re basically besties now? 🙂 Keep up with us by signing up for peta2 text messages here:

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