In Zanesville, Ohio, local law enforcement was called to respond to an incident at a private residence where Terry Thompson had been keeping tons of captive wild and exotic animals. Responders arrived to find that Thompson had taken his own life after opening the doors to cages housing 56 wild and exotic animals. With tigers, lions, bears, wolves, and other potentially dangerous animals running loose, the sheriff issued a shoot-to-kill order.

In the end, 48 animals died, including 18 tigers, 17 lions, eight bears, and three mountain lions. Thompson had previously been convicted of cruelty to animals in the past, yet he was still allowed to keep these animals. He had also recently been released from prison after serving time for federal firearms charges.

For years, PETA has called upon Ohio officials to ban the private ownership of wild and exotic animals, but those calls have been ignored. The state of Ohio has the authority to implement an emergency ban on the sale and possession of these animals so that a similar disaster will never happen again—take a stand for these animals by urging the state to exercise this authority immediately!


Here’s how:

  • E-mail Gov. Kasich at [email protected] and politely urge him to immediately and permanently ban the private ownership of wild animals in the state of Ohio.
  • Visit the Ohio Department of Natural Resources website and politely urge the agency to exercise its authority to implement emergency regulations to prohibit the keeping of exotic and wild animals.

Thanks for speaking up for wild and exotic animals in Ohio!