Do your friends think that being vegan isn’t “manly,” despite your perfectly reasonable arguments about how the strongest animals on the planet—bulls, gorillas, elephants, etc.—are vegan? Well, here are five vegans who would agree with you and not your friends:


Strong Man
Photo: Spirit-Fire 

  1. One of the “manliest” professions in America is the firefighter. These brave heroes run into burning buildings when others are running out. Rip Esselstyn, the author of The Engine 2 Diet and a former triathlete, went vegan in 2002 and encouraged his fellow firefighters to join him.
  2. When people think of manly men, they think of fighting and brawling, and who is a better brawler than Mac Danzig? Mac grew up caring about animals, often spending his time bird watching. Now, he is a vegan powerhouse and a world-renowned Ultimate Fighter.
  3. At age 15, Robert Cheeke made a choice that took him from being a 120-pound nonvegan to the 195-pound champion vegan bodybuilder. Now he runs, a website dedicated to vegan fitness and competitive bodybuilding.
  4. At 40 years old, Rich Roll went vegan after he realized that his age was catching up with him. After he adopted a vegan diet, he was named one of the 25 Fittest Men by Men’s Fitness Magazine, and he even competed in the 2008 Ultraman, a three-day, double Ironman distance triathlon in Hawaii, where he finished first among nonprofessionals.
  5. Topping off our list is the strongest man in Germany, Patrick Baboumian. This Iranian-German behemoth proudly makes the claim that the strongest animals are plant-eaters: gorillas, buffaloes, elephants, and him!


From firefighters and ultimate fighters to bodybuilders and ultra-runners, these five manly men are all powered by plants! So the next time that your friends make some offhanded—and totally untrue—comment about estrogen and soy, remind them that there is real estrogen in that glass of milk that they’re drinking and share this blog.