The acacia strain promo photo
Karen Jerzyk 


Hailing from western Massachusetts, The Acacia Strain delivers crunching metal under no false pretenses. The band’s unapologetic heaviness demands to be taken seriously and has landed them on tours alongside Architects, Whitechapel, Between the Buried and Me, and more.

When it comes to metal, The Acacia Strain is viciously in your face—but behind the mayhem, there’s nothing but love.

After struggling with recurring health problems, guitarist Devin Shidaker eliminated dairy products from his already meat-free diet and immediately saw the positive effects of going vegan, telling peta2, “I do feel more energetic. I used to have really bad asthma problems and those have gone. I haven’t used an inhaler since.”

Facts are facts: Eating a vegan diet is the best thing that you can do not only for your health but also for animals. All animals—cats, dogs, cows, and chickens alike—feel pain and experience fear, and no animal wants to be kept in a cage that is too small to turn around in or have his or her throat slit while fully conscious.

[Cows on factory farms] have personalities, too, just like any other animal does.

To save more than 100 animals a year and take your health into your own hands, go vegan. Get started by checking out peta2’s guide to going vegan and signing up to receive vegan recipes every week!