We all know that companion animals are angels who come into our life bringing joy, companionship, and affection. But instead of adopting younger animals, give “senior” ones a chance. They know how to have fun, too, and they have lots of love to give. Save a life by persuading your family to adopt adult animals, like I did!

I adopted Tinkerbell from my local open-admission animal shelter when she was 9. Although the shelter was filled with tiny adorable kittens, I knew I’d be making the right choice by adopting her. Nine years later, she’s still the sweetest cat I’ve ever known. She loves posing for photos and playing with any string she can get her li’l paws on.

Check out these reasons to adopt senior animals:

1. Senior companion animals have found the chill. “No chill” isn’t even a thing for senior dogs and cats.
Sleepy cat

2. They know what’s up. Senior animals are typically pros at basic skills such as walking on a leash and sharpening their claws on a scratching post, instead of on your family’s couch.
Dog walking

3. They’ve already been named. If you’re like me, you’ll spend stressful days and long nights attempting to figure out just the purrfect name for your family member. Luckily, Lucky already has a name! (But you’re welcome to choose a different name if you want to.)

4. They’re easier to take care of. As you know, baby animals require almost constant attention. Senior cats and dogs still require a ton of attention, but not as much as puppies and kittens, of course!
Cute cat

5. Their personality won’t change down the road. They’ve already gone through their “terrible twos.” If your family has ever adopted baby animals, you know exactly what I’m referring to.
terrible twos

6. They’re wise. Yep, it’s not just a stereotype. They’ve been around the block, so they know what’s goin’ on. And they might also know some tricks!
Senior cat

7. They have the cutest, most sophisticated gray faces. But never gray personalities.

8. Housetraining is much easier. In fact, many may already be housetrained.

dog peeing
Cliche | Jackie | CC By 2.0 

9. Their love is endless and genuine. If your family has ever adopted, you already know how sweet rescued animals can be.

Girl and cat

10. You’ll be improving the life of your new animal companion but also the lives of other animals! Remember: For every dog or cat who is purchased from a pet store or a breeder, a dog or cat in an animal shelter is killed. By adopting, you’ll be opening up a new spot in that shelter for another animal to have a chance to find a family.

adopt dont shop pixel

Make your own sign to spread the word and save lives!

If you want to open your heart and home to a shelter animal, check our our dog adoption guide first! 


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