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stevevoght / CC by 2.0
The worst time of year for turkeys in Canada may be over, but for turkeys a little farther south, it’s fast approaching!

That’s right, I’m talking about the highly celebrated American Thanksgiving weekend. Some lucky turkeys give thanks every year to the fine folks over at one of two Farm Sanctuary locations in the USA. Farm Sanctuary exists to offer farm animals, including turkeys, a safe and happy environment to live in. Animals on Farm Sanctuary come from all over and are rescued during factory farm investigations and sometimes even from places like dumpsters! Past factory farm investigations have revealed turkeys undergoing painful processes such as debeaking and detoeing (where hot blades are used to slice of their beaks and toes without anesthesia).

The Sanctuary provides these turkeys with not only a place to call a home, but lots of space, clean water, food, friends, and an overall good quality of life … things turkeys raised for Thanksgiving dinners never experience.

As a vegan, I choose not to eat turkeys because they are social, intelligent, and sensitive animals, much like cats and dogs. I sponsor a turkey every year at Thanksgiving, to show my thanks for all creatures of this earth, regardless of their species.

Want to know the best way that you can help right now? Pledge not to eat turkeys this Thanksgiving and check out peta2’s Thanksgiving Checklist for help veganizing your thanksgiving!