Alesana for peta2

“Lifers”—these are the people, bands, and artists who do what they do not because of the potential to make money from it or because of the fame, but simply because they have to create. After watching Alesana make things happen for themselves over the past few years, I believe that they are “lifers” and play music for all the right reasons. Not only do they play music for the right reasons, they also support peta2 and have spoken out against the horrific seal slaughter in Canada. Check out Alesana’s anti-seal slaughter ad and sign the pledge to help put an end to it!

Starting in roughly 2004, Alesana has slowly but surely been making a name for themselves through relentless touring and their engaging vocal attack (at times, four members of the band can be singing) that separated them from the rest of the bands in their genre. They are Warped Tour veterans, have been on the Billboard “Top 100” list, and recently tackled a concept record with The Emptiness. Clearly, these guys aren’t slowing down anytime soon. In addition to all their activity, they still find the time to work with peta2 in speaking out against fur and how that influences their style.

These dudes know what they are talking about and don’t mince any words when it comes to the fur industry as a whole and the seal slaughter. Take that next step and write to the Canadian government to encourage it to place sanctions and regulations on the slaughter.

The seals will thank you for it!