When Matt Skiba isn’t on stage rocking out with his bandmates in Alkaline Trio, one of the best places to look for him would be wherever good vegetarian chow can be found. After all, Matt’s been a veggie for 10 years now—since before Alkaline Trio was even together—so he’s definitely had time to become an expert in the art of fine vegetarian cooking.

But Matt didn’t decide to become a vegetarian just so that he would have a good excuse to indulge in the yummiest dishes the world has to offer—he became a vegetarian so that he could save the lives of his animal friends. Matt, and every other vegetarian, saves the lives of 95 animals a year just by substituting a delicious veggie burger for that artery-clogging and cruelly created hamburger.

Want to find out more about why Matt went veg? Well, we’ve got the scoop on that, plus all the details on Matt’s favorite restaurants in our exclusive interview. And don’t forget to grab a pen and paper before you sit down to watch this—you won’t want to miss it when he gives you the directions to these mouth-watering establishments.