Amanda Cerny has figured out the ultimate DIY life hack, and we love her for it! In her hilarious vid with Johannes Bartl, badass vegan and mega influencer Amanda offers a few tips and tricks for her fellow veg fans who are struggling to use chemical-laden cuts of meat. Check out her hilarious vid.

Think Eating Meat Is Healthy? Think Again!

“[T]hanks to the various chemicals, metals, and other additives found in industrial meat, you can use it for all kinds of things!”—Amanda Cerny

Amanda’s got it right: Meat is anything but healthy for you. Check out some of the uber-creepy facts about what really goes into meat meant for human consumption.

Ever wonder why red meat in the butcher section of the grocery story is so… red? (Hint: It’s NOT natural.) Many meat manufacturers treat meat with carbon monoxide. So no matter how fresh or old red meat is, all slabs of it look the same. Yuck!

“Pink slime” is a cheap filler used in ground meats, and it’s often mixed with ground beef. Basically, animal trimmings are gathered and tossed into a spinning machine that separates the muscles. To make this sludge “edible” and kill off dangerous bacteria, the pink mixture is sprayed with ammonia. As if killing harmful bacteria with a potentially life-threatening chemical makes a whole lot of sense. #EyeRoll

Toronto Chicken Save 

Because chickens are crowded so tightly that there’s little room for movement—or even proper ventilation—the tight spaces are breeding grounds for contamination and disease. So what do farmers do to kill off bacteria? Create more space for the chickens or improve the standard of hygiene? No: They wash their carcasses with a strong chlorine solution instead. ?

Fish can’t catch a break, either: As you may already know, fish get exposed to mercury. It gets into oceans and rivers because of human activities, such as the operation of power plants. So when humans eat fish flesh contaminated with mercury, they absorb the metal, too. Mercury poisoning can cause serious damage to the nervous system, brain, and kidneys. A CBS News report reveals that “84 percent of all fish have unsafe levels of mercury.” We’d rather take the fishless fillet option, thank you very much.

Feeling Inspired? Like Amanda, Go Vegan!

With the loads of tasty alternatives on the market, your eating options are virtually endless. Brands like Gardein, Beyond Meat, and Field Roast have super-delish meat alternatives that can be used for any dish your heart desires. Plus, it’s nice to know that your meals aren’t contributing to animals’ suffering.

“Imagine what YOU can do with meat … just … don’t eat it.”

Like Amanda, influence others around you by going vegan.

Don’t know what tasty vegan meal to make? Check out peta2’s Guide to Going Vegan for tips and yummy recipes! From breakfast to late-night snacks, we got you. ?❤