If you’ve ever seen an episode of TLC’s hit reality show Miami Ink, you can be certain of a few things. One, Ami James is an amazing artist. Two, he’s hot—sorry, just stating the obvious. And three, you definitely do not want to get on his bad side, so listen up, fur-wearers, because that one applies directly to you.

Ami has become the latest celeb to lend his voice to animals killed for their fur by starring in peta2’s “Ink, Not Mink” public service announcement (PSA). Not only that, he’s also created a tattoo design exclusively for PETA to further show his support.

The Israeli-born artist and entrepreneur says he grew up with a house full of animals, which turned him into the animal lover he is today. “I love all animals. I can’t kill a roach. I’m the type that saves spiders in the house and takes them outside,” he told us.

His feelings about the fur industry are so strong that Ami flatly refused to create a design for Roberto Cavalli Vodka after finding out that Cavalli uses fur in his lines. But his commitment to animals tortured and skinned for their fur doesn’t stop there—Ami has implemented Miami’s first-ever fur-free policy at his bar, Love Hate.

When he’s not creating body art at his hot South Beach tattoo studio, Love Hate Tattoos (Miami Ink is the name of the show, not the shop), you might find Ami working on custom choppers at Love Hate Tattoos and Choppers or spending time with the love of his life, his dog, Bella. She graciously took time out of her busy schedule to accompany him to our photo shoot, so check out what else Ami had to say and watch as Bella steals the show.

Looking for a way to make a fashion statement? Take some advice from Ami and think ink, not mink. Each year, millions of dogs, cats, foxes, minks, rabbits, chinchillas, and other animals are strangled, beaten, electrocuted, drowned, and often skinned alive just for vanity’s sake. Animals should never be fashion victims, so click on the link below and pledge to be fur-free.