When it comes to speaking up for animals, NY Ink star and bad-ass tattoo artist Ami James is the man. He first spoke out against the fur industry with his peta2 “Ink, Not Mink” campaign. Now, Ami’s back repping peta2 and starring in a video and print ad with his dog Bella, stating “Only Cowards Abuse Animals.”

Ami won’t stand for any kind of animal abuse, whether it’s animals who are killed and skinned for their fur; elephants, tigers, and other animals who are beaten and forced to perform in circuses; or people who take pleasure in hunting and killing wild animals—it’s all unacceptable. Seriously, do YOU want to be the one to try to argue with this ripped, tattooed animal lover?

ami james only cowards peta2 psa

The circus is not a good place, and what they do to animals is not right. It’s slavery, by all means. So I don’t take part in it, and I’ll never take part in it. And hopefully one day, we’ll put a stop to it. -Ami James

Animals are not ours to abuse, yet animals are abused every day. If you see a dog left outdoors on a chain, a lost or stray animal on the street, a dog locked in a hot car, or any other forms of animal cruelty or neglect, SPEAK UP!

Animals generally can’t fight back, so it’s up to us to stick up for them. Find your voice, and never be silent!

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