Bunnies: They’re the cutest. Like, HOW ARE YOU EVEN REAL???

cute bunny rabbit

But the angora fur industry is nothing but ugly.

Angora fur is used to make sweaters, scarves, winter hats, and other clothing and accessories. Rabbits scream in pain as their fur is ripped out of their skin, and they must endure this torturous process over and over.

We already know that bunnies don’t deserve to suffer in the name of fashion, but here are some rabbit facts that you probably didn’t know:

Rabbits are natural herbivores (woot woot, vegan power)! During warmer months, they munch on weeds, grass, wildflowers, and vegetable plants. When it gets cold, they snack on twigs, buds, bark, and any green plants that they can find.

bunny rabbit eating grass
Many rabbit communities live in extensive and complex underground burrows.

bunny rabbit in dirtWhen they are being chased, they run in zigzag formations to confuse their predators rather than trying to outrun them.

bunny rabbit dirtRabbits are famous for their ability to reproduce! They can have several litters of four to seven babies (called “kits”) every year but will naturally reproduce less at times when food or water is scarce.

bunny rabbitTheir teeth never stop growing, so they’re constantly gnawing on food and wood to keep them worn down.

cute bunny rabbit in grass

Sadly, when it comes to rabbits used for their fur, there’s more to learn:

On angora factory farms, rabbits have their fur violently ripped out of their sensitive skin while they’re fully conscious and screaming in pain. They must endure this torture every three months.

Angora rabbit fur plucking

Rabbits who have their fur cut or sheared instead of plucked also suffer. Their limbs are bound and their bodies are stretched out …

angora rabbit fur cutting

And the cutting tools almost always leave them wounded as they struggle desperately to escape.


After experiencing such extreme pain, some rabbits go into shock and are unable to move once they’re returned to their filthy, cramped cages.


The rabbits who survive this torture for two to five years end up having their throats slit and their dead bodies skinned or sold.



Does this make you sick? You’re not the only one.

More than 1.9 MILLION people watched our undercover exposé and learned more about the tragic lives of rabbits on angora farms. And guess what? Tons of companies like PacSun, rue21, Forever 21, Express, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Eddie Bauer have stopped selling any products made with angora! Super-popular and fashion-forward retailer H&M has also made a compassionate change after seeing PETA Asia’s undercover footage. The company ceased the production of any items made with angora and even accepted customer returns on any angora items that had been purchased. Woo! ?

You can help STOP this cruelty! It’s as easy as reading the tags on clothes when you’re shopping and putting down anything that is made from angora.

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