*UPDATE: Victory! Following an intensive yearlong PETA campaign, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has announced that  it’s ending the cruel psychological experiments on baby monkeys conducted by Stephen Suomi, the person who led this horrendous project at NIH for more than 30 years. His laboratory is being closed down, and he will no longer be involved in any experiments on animals. 

NIH’s decision came as PETA was preparing to release troubling new videos and e-mails obtained from NIH showing that the experiments had continued through this year and that NIH officials had lied about the project’s status to members of Congress, the media, and others.

Read the original blog text below:

For years, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has conducted cruel and irrelevant psychological experiments on baby monkeys, wasting millions of your and your parents’ tax dollars each year. This is where OUR money is going:

‘Human Intruder’ Tests

Startle Tests

‘Novel Cage’ Tests

Share this blog post with your friends and family. These videos are difficult to watch, but everyone should know the truth about how their tax dollars could be spent. The more people who know what’s going on, the more we can try to stop it. Don’t let NIH get away with torturing baby monkeys.

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