Everyone is a sucker for an adorable puppy-face or playful kitten, but adopting animals from shelters not only scores you a new BFF but also has tons of other cool perks, too! Read on for the ridiculously cute truth about animal shelters.

1. Twenty-five percent of dogs in animal shelters are purebreds!

dogs-saved If you have your heart set on a certain breed, chances are that you can find that breed at your local animal shelter!

2. You can adopt more than dogs and cats!

cute guinea pig adopt rescue Many animal shelters have rabbits, hamsters, rats, mice, and guinea pigs—and some even have turtles, chickens, and reptiles—all waiting for their forever home. 🙂

3. They’re on the cutting edge!

peta2 staffer Diana's rescued shelter mutt TinaLabradoodles and cockapoos are sooo 2011. Looking for the coolest combos out there? Your local animal shelter is flooded with loads of adorable mixed-breed dogs and cats who are hoping for the chance to be your BFF. Mutts rule!

4. You can save $$—and your shoes!

funny cat meme peta2 adopt

Puppies and kittens are adorbs, but they’re a LOT of work–not to mention expensive. We love shopping but if you want to save your shoes (and your homework and your little bro’s toys) from becoming chew toys and your dad’s favorite armchair from becoming a scratching post, opt for an equally cute and lovable adult dog or cat who’s outgrown that awkward stage.

5. Someone else has done all the work!

funny dog trick adopt rescue Many dogs and cats in animal shelters are turned in by guardians who simply can’t take care of them anymore, so it’s easy to find plenty of sweet animals who are already house-trained and friendly and who may even know a few tricks!

6. Helping animals in shelters = FREE HUGS!

© iStock.com/Dreamframer 
Got the love but not the time to play with cats all day? Just volunteer or foster! Not only will you be able to meet loads of adorable animals, you’ll also play a role in finding them forever homes. The time you spend socializing them will help make them more adoptable, and you will get lots of love in the process. WIN-WIN!

7. Animals from shelters won’t break your ♥!

peta2 shelter animal dog

All animals in shelters get a full vet check so you’ll know exactly what’s up with your new furry friend. No heartbreaking hidden diseases, such as parvovirus, which often affects animals from puppy mills.

8. Animal shelters help more than you think!

homeless animal number how many stray dog cat spay neuter It’s common practice for animal shelters to spay or neuter animals as part of the adoption process. So you’re not just saving one animal—you’re saving the hundreds of animals one unfixed cat or dog can produce in his or her lifetime.

9. Animal shelters provide a built-in support network!


Workers and volunteers at animal shelters know the animals well, and they’ll help you find your perfect match. They know each animal’s history, what games are his or her fave to play, and what cuddles he or she likes best. Some animal shelters even offer classes to get to know your new furry friend!

10. Animals from shelters have bigger s!

cute kitten cats playful funny Ever had a crummy day until a friend did something nice for you? Think about how grateful you were to have that person in your life. Now imagine that you’ve spent your whole life in crummy situations, like some of the animals in shelters have. YOU can be that ray of sunshine by giving an animal in a shelter a loving home. He or she will pay you back in love tenfold!

In short, animal shelters RULE! When it comes to adding animals to your life, the message is clear: Adopt, don’t buy!


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