Where there are bullies, there are victims and bystanders.

We all know that bullying is wrong—and if you see it, you should report it. But what about when you don’t see it—when companies are the bullies and they hide it from you? Well, we’re here to expose them, and once you know, you choose either to give power to the bully or to stand up for the victim.

Jo-Anne Mcarthur pigs

Jo-Anne McArthur | We Animals 

There’s no going back now.

You are about to make a choice.

Bullying is all about taking advantage of others we think are weaker than we are—often picking on someone who can’t fight back or who just won’t. Animals are the most helpless and exploited population in history.

Jo-Anne Mcarthur We Animals

Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals 

Bullying doesn’t just happen in the hallway—the worst bullying goes down here:

1. Slaughterhouses

In the slaughterhouse, workers take animals—who’d beg for their lives if they could speak our language—and force them down a slaughter line, kicking and screaming. Why? Because they can’t fight back. Sound familiar?


2. Factory farms

Ever been slammed into a locker? Imagine life as a mother pig—shoved into a crate so small that you can never turn around.

Jo-Anne McArthur We Animals 2

Has anyone ever made you feel uncomfortable in your own body? “Broiler” chickens are bred to grow so abnormally large that they can’t even walk to drink water—and they often die of dehydration.


Not only does the chicken period egg industry think it’s OK to cram hens into cages so small they can never spread a wing, but workers grind up live chicks because they’re “useless” and won’t make money for the industry.


3. Dairy farms

Where there’s ice cream, there was once a mother cow who cried when her baby was taken away—just so that people can take her milk.


She most likely had a human arm shoved up her vagina to be artificially inseminated on what workers call a rape rack.(I’m calling on the feminists to make a choice right now and go dairy-free.)


Mother cows don’t choose this life. Baby cows don’t choose this death. They don’t want their flesh to be ground up, seasoned, cooked, and gnawed on. Cows can’t choose. Only you can.

4. Under the big top

Talk about bullying—elephants and other animals used in the circus are forced to do tricks out of fear of being beaten or electro-shocked by their trainer.

5. In laboratories

Even though modern, effective, superior methods exist—dogs, cats, primates, rabbits, mice, rats, and so many other animals suffer in laboratories in the name of science.

With zero federal laws in place to protect animals on factory farms from bullying behavior, who’s looking out for them?

That person should be you.

There’s a phrase that was born of the Holocaust that people don’t like to talk about called the banality of evil.”

Jo-Anne Mcarthur piglets

Adolf Hitler may be the worst bully in history, but he couldn’t have pulled it off without the passive acceptance of so many people. Evil isn’t just one sociopath, and it isn’t just the crazy, disgusting idea of putting a weaker vulnerable being on a rape rack, making her carry her baby for nine months, taking her baby from her, pulling the baby up by his leg, slitting his throat, and selling his flesh as a “delicacy.”—it’s accepting that this is OK as a moral norm.

Are you going to pay someone hard cash to rape, murder, and bully gentle animals who simply can’t fight back?

Jo-Anne McArthur

Or are you going to do something about it? The best way for you to fight back and stop the bullying is to go vegan.

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