While many people look at price tags when they go shopping, they often forget to check the most important thing: whether or not an item was made out of an animal. Animals killed for clothing and accessories are often electrocuted, suffocated, and even skinned ALIVE.

The next time you go shopping, don’t just think about the price—consider the terror and dread in the eyes of the animals about to be slaughtered for fashion. 


Dogs are supposed to be “man’s best friend.” But in China—which produces much of the world’s leather—dogs are bludgeoned and killed so that their skin can be turned into leather gloves, belts, jacket collar trim, cat toys, and other items. The skin is often intentionally mislabeled and sold around the world, including in the U.S.


Think no one could harm a gentle bunny? Think again. On fur farms, rabbits are forced to live in tiny, filthy cages before they’re eventually hung up and skinned—often while still alive.


It’s been documented that alligators used for their skin continue to move their limbs on the rack where they are left to bleed out and in bloody ice-water bins for several minutes after workers attempt to slaughter them.


At only 1 year of age, ostriches are slaughtered for luxury brands like Prada and Hermès. They are crudely stunned before their throats are slit and they are skinned to make bags and accessories. It’s hard to imagine that anyone would consider something this gruesome a luxury.


Most leather comes from India, where around 2 million cows are transported thousands of miles to Bangladesh every year to be slaughtered. Many are so emaciated, malnourished, and exhausted that they can barely stand when they arrive. 

Foxes and Minks

Minks and foxes are sometimes gassed to death for their fur. It can take an agonizingly long time for some of them to die, and workers have been documented breaking the necks of those who survive.

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