The boys of Brighton, England, metal outfit Architects need only four words to deliver a life-changing message: “Liberate yourself. Go vegan.” After breaking onto the U.K. metal scene alongside proven names like Dead Swans and Bring Me The Horizon, Architects took a shot at stateside notoriety and signed to longstanding metal label Century Media Records. The release of the band’s fifth studio album, Daybreaker, saw a surprising shift in songwriting toward more politically aggressive lyrical content. It should come as no surprise then for the all-vegan band—vocalist Sam Carter, guitarist Tom Searle, bassist Alex Dean, and drummer Dan Searle—to speak out against an industry built on slavery, exploitation, and putting profits over ethics.

Architects Go Vegan PSA

The factory farming industry is responsible for the mass production and slaughter of tens of billions of animals for food every single year. Consider that 55 million animals are slaughtered for food every day in the United Sates—that means 2 million per hour or 38,000 per minute. Intelligent animals with the ability to feel pain and experience fear are treated as nothing more than commodities as they’re shuffled from a factory farm cage to the slaughter line to a fast-food restaurant near you.

The effects of factory farming are far-reaching beyond the treatment of animals. Meat and dairy production are wreaking havoc on the environment (e,g,, climate change, water usage, and deforestation), and Human Rights Watch has named slaughterhouse work among the most dangerous factory jobs in America. Workers are often exploited and underpaid and fail to report injuries or abuse under threat of termination.

Don’t support an industry built around exploiting the defenseless and lying to the masses. Liberate yourself. Go vegan. Get started today with free vegan recipes and the peta2 guide to vegan grocery shopping!