You know how there are tons of people on Twitter pretending to be someone they’re not? Chickens need YOU to be that guy. We even have a contest going to make this more interesting!

All you need to do to enter our contest is create an “Evil RonaldTwitter account, post your most creative McCruelty-related tweets, and add in the hashtag “#evilronald” before you post!

The funniest and most clever account will be selected as the winner and streamed on, and the account will be promoted via peta2’s own Facebook and Twitter accounts!

Here’s a recap on the details:

  • Create an “Evil Ronald” Twitter account (name it any variation of “Evil Ronald” that you want)
  • Start posting tweets and add this tag at the end: #evilronald

You guys want Street Team points for this? If you send us a screen shot of your “Evil Ronald” Twitter page to [email protected], we will add 500 points to your Street Team account!

Alrighty guys, you have until May 9—get to it!