It’s no secret that pop star Ariana Grande has a huge heart for animals. Aside from being vegan—not eating animals is pretty much the nicest thing you can do for them!—she is constantly posting pics of her adopted pups on Instagram and has even been seen sporting PETA merch in the past.

On the first leg of her current Honeymoon Tour, Ariana used packed shows in New York and Miami to call attention to some special friends.

Partnering with local animal rescue groups, she paid the adoption fees for a number of dogs and featured them on a screen during her performances. Fans who fell in love with any of the cuties could submit an adoption application and cross their fingers for a new furry best friend.

But adopting an animal is not something to take lightly. Ariana assured fans that everyone who submitted an application would be properly reviewed by the rescue organizations. As she explained on Instagram, “[T]he team will of course be making sure that the people who reach out will make a suitable family/home for the pups in need.”

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With as many as 8 million cats and dogs entering U.S. animal shelters every year, adoption should be the only option you consider when bringing an animal into your life. Before you pick out the perfect companion, be sure to read peta2’s 15 Things to Think About Before Adopting a Dog and 7 Surprising Foods You Should Never Feed to Dogs or Cats.