In a desperate attempt to repair its image, SeaWorld recently launched a Twitter campaign encouraging followers to send in questions using #AskSeaWorld. The campaign totally backfired, and tweets from caring people like YOU have been pouring in. Check ’em out:





Some of our star peta2 members joined in on calling out SeaWorld, too:



Yep. This is not a joke! And instead of answering people’s questions about the animals in its care, SeaWorld responded by calling animal activists “trolls.” #EpicFail

Fight back against SeaWorld! Here’s what you can do:

1. Remember that every SeaWorld ticket purchased directly contributes to the animals’ miserable lives. Pledge never to go to SeaWorldjoin the peta2, and sign up for text alerts. We’ll notify you about demonstrations in your area and other ways that you can help animals. If you’re over the age of 22, you can also join PETA’s Action Team.

2. Ask @SeaWorld why it denies orcas and the other animals it holds captive everything that’s natural and important to them. Don’t forget to use #AskSeaWorld. Send us a screenshot of your tweet and you can earn peta2 points that can be used later to get peta2 merch!

3. Share our “SeaWorld in 30 Seconds” video with your friends and family, and urge them never to go to any SeaWorld park.

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