Let’s be real: Most of us have soft spots for fast food—whether it’s Taco Bell, Subway, or a yummy AF soy Frap from Starbucks. But what do our friends down under think of all our vegan faves?

Little Sea vegan taste test behind-the-scenes

We’re huge fans of the super-cute Australian pop-punk band Little Sea. The Oliver Kirby and Leighton Cauchi half of the band visited peta2 at our office in Los Angeles to try a mix of vegan fast food and our L.A. go-to eats. Ollie, aka “the cute one,” is Little Sea’s guitarist, and he’s totally vegetarian. Leighton, aka “the bad boy,” is the band’s drummer, and he’s not vegetarian (yet…:)). Both said they’d never tried vegan food before, so naturally, we were stoked to hang out with them while they tried some of our fave plant-based American food! Check out their reactions:

Now that the verdict is in, here’s how to find and customize all the food that Ollie and Leighton tried:

Starbucks’ Caramel Frappuccino

One of Ollie and Leighton’s faves! It’s really easy to order vegan options at Starbucks. For this caramel Frap hack, just ask for soy milk, caramel syrup instead of caramel sauce, and no whipped cream.Little Sea shoot starbucks caramel frappuccino

Subway’s Black Bean Sub

We all know that Subway becomes a go-to when you’re on the road, making Subway super-convenient for bands like Little Sea. One of the newest additions to Subway’s menu is the Black Bean Sub, and let’s be real—that vegan sweet potato curry sauce pushes it to the next level! The Black Bean Sub is not available everywhere yet, so be sure to ask your local Subway to carry it. And just in case you’re not well versed in ordering at Subway, we’ve got you covered with this vegan Subway guide.

Little Sea shoot subway black bean sub

Cruzer Pizza’s Vegan BBQ Chicken Pizza

Pizza is a staple for Little Sea (and probably for most bands). The case can be made that plant-based pizza is the only food you need. And while Cruzer can be found only in L.A., there are dozens of pizza places all around the country that offer meat-free and dairy-free options, so get started eating your way through our list.

Little Sea shoot cruzer pizza vegan bbq chicken pizza

Donut Friend

It’s no surprise that Ollie and Leighton dug these doughnuts since the place where you can snag these is on peta2’s list of the Best Doughnut Shops in the U.S. The guys’ favorite was the X-Ray Speculoos, followed by the Bacon 182, made with DF’s famous vegan coconut bacon.

This shop is well known for its DIY doughnuts and array of signature compilations, complete with fitting music references (in case you hadn’t already noticed). All of DF’s doughnuts are vegan, and there’s a gluten-free option, too. Most toppings are vegan-friendly, but when in doubt, just ask!

Little Sea shoot donut friend vegan doughnuts

Taco Bell’s Crunchwrap

If you’re on a budget, craving fast food, or need some food in a pinch, TBell’s vegetarian menu can be a lifesaver. It’s another great go-to for road trips to or through areas where vegan options are not so abundant. To veganize your Crunchwrap, just sub beans for meat and ask for no cheese and no sour cream.

Little Sea shoot taco bell crunchwrap

Taco Bell’s Cinnamon Twists

Another super-cheap and tasty option from TBell is this accidentally vegan dessert.

Little Sea shoot taco bell cinnamon twists

We’re not sure that we’ve yet mastered the art of catching cinnamon twists in our mouth like Ollie, though!


Lightlife’s Smart Dogs

According to Leighton, this veggie dog “just tastes like a normal hot dog.” Assuming you’re not into eating chemicals, bugs, pig snouts and anuses, metal pieces, rodent parts, and plastic—all of which have been found in hot dogs—animal-free dogs are the way to go. Take some to the next backyard BBQ. It’s a great opportunity to share your fave vegan meat with friends and family.

Little Sea shoot lightlife smart dogs

So Delicious’ Snickerdoodle Cashew Milk Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert

Ollie loves desserts, and so do we! When it comes to ice cream, vegans have it made. From cashew milk and soy milk to coconut milk and almond milk, there are plenty of delicious dairy-free ice cream options to choose from (heck—even Ben & Jerry’s makes vegan ice cream now). For all our gluten-free friends, So Delicious has lots of gluten-free options, too!


Let’s be real, there’s no time like the present to save animals’ lives and get in on these delish treats during the #TheYearOfVegan. To find out how animals are raised for food, make sure you watch these 60 seconds of reality, too.

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