Avon claims that “[r]espect for animal welfare is a cornerstone” of its philosophy, but we bet you’ll think otherwise after reading this list of facts that the company doesn’t want you to know. The photos below show what life is like for animals used in cruel tests for various products and brands.

1. Companies like Avon still pay for animals to be poisoned and killed in cruel product and cosmetics tests.

2. Many animals used in these experiments are bred in laboratories. This means that they never know what it’s like to live in their natural habitats or have a loving family.

3. They’re often isolated in barren cages almost 24/7. Their lives are extremely lonely.

4. Sometimes, experimenters rub chemicals onto animals’ shaved, bare skin and leave them there for up to two weeks

5. … allowing them to burn and damage the tissue.

Tell Gillette to stop testing on animals!

6. In other tests, experimenters drip harsh chemicals into animals’ eyes.

7. Side effects of these cruel tests include severe pain, swelling, ulcers, inflamed skin, bleeding, bloody scabs, irritated and cloudy eyes, and even blindness.

8. In the U.S., there are hardly any legal protections for animals used in experiments. No experiment is against the law, no matter how painful or useless it is.

9. Giving animals painkillers is not required.

10. Animal experimentation is bad science. Many scientists have said that animal tests don’t reliably predict outcomes in humans because animals and humans are biologically different.

11. After they’re tortured and the tests are over, animals are usually killed.

12. Experimenting on animals is cruel—and no U.S. law requires that cosmetics be tested on them. Animal testing is archaic and painful, and many modern and scientifically superior non-animal methods already exist!

13. The main reason why companies still test on animals is so that they can sell their products in China, which still requires these tests for cosmetics.

14. India, Israel, and countries in the European Union have already made the compassionate, scientifically sound decision to ban the sale of any cosmetics that have been tested on animals.


How can you help animals who are used in cruel product and cosmetics tests?

It’s easy! NEVER buy products from Avon, MAC, Clinique, or any other company that pays for tests on animals. Always buy cruelty-free makeup and other items. To find out if a product is cruelty-free, simply check out our database or one of our shopping guides.

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