Castrate (verb): the act of removing the testes from a biological male via chemical, surgical, or other means

Piglet after castration
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Fellas, imagine being born into a world in which your testicles will be torn off just so that someone can, one day, eat you or wear your skin as clothing. How do you think you’d feel about that? Probably not too keen on the idea, eh? Unfortunately, this is the reality for pigs, cows, and other animals used by the food and leather industries.


Male pigs on factory farms are routinely castrated within a week of being born. Their scrotums are cut open, and their testicles are forcibly cut off—often without any painkillers or anesthetics. Because their immune systems aren’t fully developed at such a young age, this type of open wound leaves the piglets prone to infection, which can lead to even more suffering.


This horrifying and painful procedure is allegedly done in an attempt to “tame” these animals so that they’re less aggressive and to change the way in which the pigs’ flesh tastes and smells.


Another form of castration involves placing tight rings around calves’ scrotums, cutting off the flow of blood and causing excruciating pain before finally going numb. Eventually, the calves’ scrotums fall off 20 to 40 days after this is done.

Calves and piglets aren’t the only ones who are forced to endure this torture: male goats and lambs used for clothing also have their sensitive reproductive organs cut off—without any painkillers—using the same or similar methods in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Crude castration is a terrifying reality for animals who are exploited by the food and leather industries, but unfortunately, this isn’t the only cruel and unnecessary practice they’re forced to endure. Cows are painfully dehorned, hens are debeaked using hot blades, and mother pigs are crammed into gestation crates—the list goes on.

The best way to help animals like these is to stop eating them and buying leather. Going vegan tells the industries that exploit animals that what they’re doing is not OK.

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