Everybody is a little “basic,” and there’s nothing wrong with that! Let your basic flag fly, and see how many of these YOU relate to. #DontFightIt

Basics always:

1. Cry when they find out Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte isn’t vegan

The Struggle Is Real

2. Create their OWN vegan pumpkin spice latte at home


3. Become actual MASTERS at making nearly EVERYTHING else at Starbucks vegan

vegan Starbucks

4. Manage to make vegan versions of EVERY pumpkin spice treat on the market


5. Use the Happy Cow app as a verb (Example: “Did you Happy Cow that place first?”)


6. Own a juicer

7. Attempt a raw diet at least once

sad salad

8. Know what “80/10/10” is

9. Instagram. Literally. Every. Meal.



Free lunch at Sun Cafe! #freethingsfairystrikesagain

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10. Choose meals based on whether or not they would look good on Instagram

#vegan #cinnaholic #cinnamonroll

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Bagel Happy Yas

12. Seriously consider planting a kale garden

13. Nearly pee their pants with joy when they find out The North Face won a PETA award


14. Have Instagram accounts for their animal companions

15. Actually follow more animals on Instagram than humans 

#baxter #chihuahua #chihuahuas

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The daily Daisy. #TheArtofLaziness #OrangeTabby #CatsOfIG #DaisyandJuniper

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I'm starting with the pup in the mirror. ? #nomtatertot #michaeljackson #adoptdontshop #puppy #cute

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16. Tweet their favorite vegan celebs on a biweekly basis

17. Dance for joy when a company they liked before they went cruelty-free stops testing on animals

18. Use emoji in nearly EVERY text/tweet/Instagram post

Crazy about emojis!

19. Buy hummus in bulk

Hummus20. Constantly consider getting an animal rights tattoo

Animal rights tattoos

21. Obsessively Snapchat their fur babies

Snapchat animals all day long!22. Hate sheepskin boots with a violent passion

23. Become experts on every fuzzy boot brand that doesn’t use dead animal skin.

H&M Uggs boot




 24. Go hashtag CRAZY to make SURE everyone sees their oh-so-important food posts

 25. “Like” EVERY SINGLE vegan meal Beyoncé posts on Instagram


26. Follow Esther the Wonder Pig on Instagram and Twitter


27. Own AT LEAST ONE of the Skinny Bitch books

28. FREAK OUT over pumpkin spice Oreos 

Pumpkin Spice Oreos

29. Buy animal-themed socks

30. Buy animal-themed shoes

Cat-themed Wardrobe

31. Actually care about what their “spirit animal” is

32. Say an animal is so cute they “can’t even” and actually can’t

33. Lose their sh** when they find out Ariana Grande went vegan

34. Go half blind with excitement over vegan fall fashions

35. Actually knock people over trying to get to new vegan products at Whole Foods

36. Follow their favorite vegan designers and food companies on Instagram and check for updates at least once an hour

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