When I think about Bayside, three things come to mind. First, in just under a decade and without the help of a major label, Bayside has accumulated a cult-like following of devoted fans. Second, Bayside is a band that isn’t worried about what’s popular at the moment and makes exactly the type of music they want to make, without outside influence. And did I mention that it’s really good music? Lastly, vocalist Anthony Raneri is notorious for being outspoken about any issue you put in front of him, with no fear of sounding too controversial or opinionated. For the record, we really like that.

Believe it or not, peta2 has more in common with Bayside than you might think. Anthony has a collaboration tee with Atticus Clothing just like we do, both Bayside and peta2 are infamous for saying exactly how we feel about a variety of issues, we both took the Warped Tour by storm this year—and, yes, it turns out that Bayside has a soft spot for animals, just like we do. So, naturally, with both of us on Warped this year, we jumped at the chance to interview a band that refuses to hold back. With subjects ranging from product testing on animals to what they might call girls who choose to wear fur—and you’ll never guess what they said—the band’s responses to our questions definitely didn’t disappoint.

Without further ado, here are the boys in their own words:

Along with a legion of fans sporting Bayside bird tattoos, we here at peta2 can now officially say it: We love Bayside. Feel like taking action against animal testing, like Bayside mentioned in the video? It’s as easy as checking product bottles for the words “No Animal Testing,” viewing our list of cruelty-free products here, and taking our cruelty-free pledge!