Taking their cue from the hard-partying excess and thrashing guitars of their ’80s predecessors, the members of U.K. band Asking Alexandria are the reigning bad boys of modern-day metal.


With Asking Alexandria’s chart-topping success and millions of fans worldwide, it’s not surprising that guys and girls alike are losing their minds over this band. What is a bit surprising is how genuinely excited vocalist Danny Worsnop and lead guitarist Ben Bruce were to hang out backstage with peta2 for a day and talk to us about why animals are the fucking best!

We’re a band of dog lovers and animal lovers and have been our whole lives. It keeps the world going around. We’d be well fucked up
if it wasn’t for animals.

asking alexandria adopt don't buy psa

The animal homelessness situation in the U.S. is nothing to joke about. Every year in the United States, 6 to 8 million cats and dogs are turned over to animal shelters after being lost or abandoned. These animals either sit in cages waiting to be adopted into a good home or are euthanized when there is nowhere else for them to go.

Every animal deserves a chance to be loved. Save a life and help fight animal homelessness by adopting your new best friend!

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