When Bella Thorne isn’t busy promoting her latest movie or dropping a new single, she’s keeping it real. The Famous in Love actor and musician teamed up with peta2 to share an important message: “F*ck SeaWorld.”

bella thorne anti-seaworld



Bella is well known for having the courage to speak her mind, and she took time during a recent photoshoot to explain why she isn’t here for SeaWorld’s abuse of animals.

Bella has a long history of being against the abusement park. Although as a child Bella was in a SeaWorld commercial promoting the park, she quickly learned the truth: that it’s an awful place for animals.

bella thorne anti seaworld

Bella welcomed us into her home to shoot a provocative anti-SeaWorld ad, introduced us to her gorgeous animal companions, and talked about her love of home-cooked vegan food. Check out the behind-the-scenes vid:

Orcas Trapped at SeaWorld Live in Misery

 “These beautiful animals are in so much pain. They’re taken away from their community, their homes, their mothers, and they don’t have a choice.”

—Bella Thorne

Bella and so many other celebrities are speaking out against SeaWorld for good reason. It was built on holding animals captive and exploiting them—just to make a profit. Orcas who are imprisoned at the marine park have often been separated from their families and are always forced to live inside small, barren, concrete tanks.

Shamu (Tilikum) | Milan Boers | CC BY 2.0 

In the wild, orcas are free to swim great distances and nurture their social relationships. They can swim up to 140 miles in the ocean in a single day! At SeaWorld, however, orcas are forced to remain in close contact with others—even if they’re incompatible. The tiny tanks that they’re confined to leave them with nothing else to do but float listlessly or swim in endless circles.

This lonely, unnatural environment causes orcas to become frustrated and depressed. The cruel imprisonment can cause them to seriouisly hurt themselves and others. They gnaw on the metal bars and concrete sides of the tank, often breaking their teeth, and are given drugs to minimize stress-induced aggressive and abnormal behavior. Under these miserable circumstances, it’s no surprise that orcas at SeaWorld die at an average age of 14—unlike their wild brothers and sisters, who live an average of 30 to 50 years.

You Can Help Animals Trapped at SeaWorld

“I think definitely a way to help would be boycotting SeaWorld, protesting SeaWorld. Don’t be afraid to show up with your signs and make your point.”

—Bella Thorne



bella thorne anti-seaworld

Like Bella, you can also stand up for orcas and other animals trapped at the marine park. Here are a couple of ways you can make a difference:

  • Never purchase a ticket to SeaWorld. If enough people demand that the park alter its practices, it just might start to listen.
  • Urge others to stay away from SeaWorld, too.
  • Spread the word. Share this article with your friends and family!