Here are some of the greatest things about having a friend who’s vegan:

1. You have a chef for a bestie. While the number of ready-to-eat vegan products is growing rapidly (like, crazy-rapidly), vegans still LOVE to experiment with cooking because they have so many great recipes to try.


2. You’ve been introduced to a TON of new restaurants. There are probably a butt-load of all-vegan restaurants you haven’t even heard of yet, and they’re more delicious than you could ever imagine.


3. You pretty much have a permanent puppy sitter. Let’s face it: Your BFF is probably OBSESSED with your animal companions. You’ll never have to search for a puppy (or kitty) sitter again because you’ve got a great one 365 days out of the year!


4. You’ve now been exposed to an endless selection of life-changing films. Sure, you probably already have your favorite flicks, but watch movies like Blackfish, Vegucated, and Forks Over Knives, and you’ll be ready to change the world.


5. Your bestie is probably an expert when it comes to makeup options. Vegans stay on top of which companies are kind to animals, so it’s likely that your BFF knows the ins and outs of every cosmetics company on the planet.

makeup with faces

6. You can always count on him or her to have Oreos handy. Do you even need a reason why this is a good thing?

vegan oreos love

Oreos Wallpaper | Bob Boudon | CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 

7. Your list of things to do and places to visit has quadrupled. Since vegans are aware of the suffering that animals endure in the entertainment industry, they avoid going to zoos, circuses, and aquariums. Instead, they’re down for more creative adventures, like snorkeling, whale-watching, going to circuses that use only human performers (Cirque du Soleil, anyone?!), visiting animal sanctuaries, and sooooo much more.


8. You’re now aware of fun events that you never knew existed before. Vegan-themed festivals, fairs, and meetups as well as demos, protests, and more—the list goes on and on!


9. Your bestie’s Instagram feed is food porn heaven. Enough said.

My little roast is done! #friendsgiving ???

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10. Your BFF isn’t afraid to stand up for what he or she believes in. One of the coolest things about vegans is that they’re not afraid to take a stand. When it comes to their values and beliefs, they don’t just talk the talk—they walk the walk!

kim diana circus demo

11. Your bestie has a big heart. <3 It’s no surprise that vegans are compassionate peeps: They choose to put the well-being of others before their own convenience. So basically, if you’ve got a vegan for a best friend, you’ve got a true friend for LIFE.


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